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Hand Made Turkey Calls

Purple Heart, Walnut, Cherry, Butternut and Sycamore






About Us

My name is Jim Shelley and I live in Elgin, South Carolina. I am an avid turkey hunter and have been hunting the wild turkey for over 30 years. Iím a sponsor member of the NWTF.

I began making calls in 1997 because I wanted something that sounded like a wild turkey and a call that could be handed down to my grandkids and their kids. The calls Iíd been buying from the big box stores just didnít meet my expectations and as I became more of an experienced hunter I realized that I needed something that was more realistic. So for a full year I experimented with making several different calls, but my main focus was on the pot call and box call. Experimenting with different combinations of wood, degree of angle, depth of pot, etc. I never realized that 1 degree of angle on a box call or 1/16th inch on a pot call could make so much difference in the sound. But it does. Needless to say at the end of 1996 I had a real big pile of wasted lumber but I also had what I thought (and still think today) is some of the best sounding calls on the market. So in 1997 I formed Persimmon Hill Calls and went into production. Thatís how it all started.

Each of my calls has a ĺ inch button glued to them with a picture of a turkey track and John 3:16. I am first and foremost a believer. Everything I am and will ever be is due to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He is first in my life followed by my family, friends, and this great country we live in. So if you have not accepted Jesus Christ into your life, give me a call and I will tell you all about him and how he changed even me.


Hereís what some of my customers say about my hand crafted calls:

First time using one of Jim's slate calls I called in and killed a big tom. I have killed several birds with his calls. Best sounding slate I've ever heard. Jeff, Marion , SC

Jim's Eastern Assassin box call did the trick. The high pitch worked well on the Rio's and Eastern's. Killed 2 in Kansas and 2 in New Mexico. Nate - Columbia, SC

My buddy Rusty and I called in a big tom with one of Jim's glass calls the last day of hunting season. Shot him at 11 steps. Don't know who jumped higher, me or the bird. These calls are true turkey talk! Wes, Dillon , SC

Bought two of Jim's calls at the NWTF convention in Nashville. Killed 2 birds with his slate (my favorite call) and 1 with the purple heart yelper box this past season. These are truly fine turkey calls. Rick, Pittsburgh , PA